Publications on the 2010 Belgian Presidency of the Council

Three publications, to which I contributed, on the 2010 Belgian Presidency of the Council of Ministers were recently issued. Together with David Criekemans, I wrote a chapter on the environment, climate change and energy agenda of the Belgian Presidency for the book ‘Readjusting the Council Presidency. Belgian Leadership in the EU‘, edited by Steven Van Hecke and Peter Bursens (Academic & Scientific Publishers, 2012). On the activities of the Belgian Presidency in the areas of environment and climate change policies, I published in chapter (in French) in the ‘Annales d’Etudes europĂ©ennes‘ of the UCLouvain (Bruylandt, 2011). Finally, Ferdi De Ville, David Criekemans and I contributed an article to a special issue of Res Publica (2011/3) on the Belgian Presidency. The article (in Dutch) deals with the internal coordination in Belgium before and during the Presidency semester. It especially focuses on the internal coordination in the environmental domain.

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